Wearable Technology 01

How Technology and Fashion are Related

Technology is transforming fashion today more than ever before in our history. The fashion industry has experienced a tremendous turnaround about technological developments. Technological products and brands have emerged which were nearly impossible to envisage in the past. Where did the term wearable technology come from? It is fashion that has been refined by technology. Look at the smart watches and the Google glasses that are now a common trending feature in fashion and you will surely understand the power of technology in fashion. This has made fashion brands that were hitherto static to be interactive. For example, a case of a smart clothes able to Wearable Technology 02enhance health and well-being to the user through sensors or that can create color moods depending on lighting. That is how technology and fashion will revolutionize the way we do things.

Technology developments have led to the emergence of social media and live streaming that make it possible for simultaneous information transfer in real time. This has a great influence in fashion especially in relation to fashion shows and product launches whose ripple effects are felt all over the world no matter where the events are held. A new brand in one place will cause a simultaneous excitement in another part of the world and, therefore, revolutionizing how fashion expands and develops. Developments such as 3D printing in footwear and clothes have been predicted to be a profitable undertaking in the future. It will enable designers and business people in the fashion industry to be able to run lucrative businesses and cutting out the middle man in this ever changing technologically- driven fashion industry.

When you enter into the world of computers, it is common knowledge that the computer processing power keeps on increasing with time. Therefore, those companies that embraces this changes will come out on top in the fashion industry as they will benefit greatly from designs and exposure. They will obliterate the old- fashioned undertakings Wearable Technology 03that will not have understood how to utilize this power.Meta-data is also useful in brand-development and popularity.

By the use of data mining technology, it is possible to be able to know how your brand or product fares with customers. Patterns of interest can be obtained from these online product databases that are beneficial to any fashion business or even to potential customers. It gives accurate statistical information regarding particular brands and the level of interest they have drawn from the market. It, therefore, goes without saying that technology and fashion are inseparable in this changing world of today.…