Finding the Best Epilator for You

Removing your hair is a choice you have to make. But many women go for epilating rather than waxing. This is a good choice for epilating gives you long lasting smoothness. However, the real test is not on how you do you epilating but rather how you choose the best epilator.

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Head width

An epilator with wider head covers a large area and makes the process quicker. But you will feel more pain so you may have to consider a less wide head.


An epilator that shines on your skin gives you the chance to spot every hair strand. You can shave it clean thanks to the light.

Wet or dry

There are those who prefer wet to dry epilating and vice versa. With wet epilating your skin is soft and pores are wide open. This gives you an easy way to remove your hair. The dry option is not a good one and makes the process more painful. So if you want something you can use in your bathroom, so the wet one is the way to go.

Corded vs. Cordless

Safety is a thing that should come as a priority. Most of the times you will use your epilator in the bathroom, and you know main switches are never brought. If they were brought into the bathroom, that would be dangerous. So it should be obvious that you buy a cordless epilator.

Customizing attachments

The best epilators come with attachments that can be customized. Caps are one of them. They are useful for sensitive areas. Some other caps
are designed gently to allow for a messaging feature.

2-speed settings

Epilators come in two speeds: one fastesfsdfdsfsdfsr the other slower. The faster one saves on time but will be a bit painful. The slow speed setting is gentler and painless. You will set the speed as you deem necessary.

Tweezers or not?

If you want to get to the roots of your hair, you will have to buy an epilator with more tweezers. The more they are, the quicker it is and more hair it tweezers out. The best one should have around 40 tweezers as opposed to the cheaper ones that have 20 tweezers.

Now you can make the best choice for the best epilator for you. It is good you go for the one that is less painful and will effectively remove your hair.…